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Ballroom dancing has long been danced both socially and competitively all around the world. However, it is becoming more and more popular as a pastime. The amazingly successful BBC series Strictly come Dancing and the increasing popularity of Cruise and Only-Adult holidays are bringing Ballroom Dancing to a much wider audience. People often report their regret at not being able to join in the fun at the formal balls and other dance nights while they were away and promptly sign up for a class on their return.

Ballroom dancing is a form of partner dancing. Two people move together around a dance floor, using step patterns and rhythms that fit the music being played. The term ballroom dancing usually includes Latin American styles and often Sequence Dances.

Many couples find the painful feelings that appear when the last child of the family leaves home very difficult to handle. These can include sadness and depression, a feeling of being redundant and loneliness. No longer being a part of your children's daily lives can come as a shock to parents and it is difficult for them to come to terms with the mixed emotions that arise. On the one hand they are pleased that their children are able to be independent but mourn the loss of companionship.

If unaddressed these feelings can lead to serious problems such as identity crises, alcoholism and marital problems. Experts recommend that couples reconnect by finding something new to bond over. Learning something new together is very helpful in helping parents come to terms with their grief over their empty nest.

Ballroom dancing is an ideal activity which ticks all the boxes in these situations and it will open up new possibilities for a social life, exercise and wellbeing.